How to Be the Content Marketer Who Never Runs Out of Post Ideas

The hardest thing about content marketing is getting started.

Doesn’t matter if you’re writing a book, a blog, or a social media post, sometimes we all need a little inspiration.

(Social media marketing can be especially demanding. So. Many. Posts.)

One way to spark creativity is with seasonal content themes.

(Keep reading. It’s about to get fun.)

Everybody posts a fireworks meme on the Fourth of July and a cornucopia at Thanksgiving. You, my friend, are not everybody. You are a creative force, and you are better than that.

Every day of the year is dedicated to at least one random thing. You’ve heard of Veterans Day, but did you know Nov. 11 is also Origami Day? Or that Valentine’s Day is also National Ferris Wheel Day, Pet Theft Awareness Day, and League of Women Voters Day?

Get Ideas for Blog Topics and Social Media Posts

There are many online calendars that track these wacky niche holidays and observances. Personally, I like It’s easy to search, includes daily, weekly, and monthly observances, and offers a daily This Day in History.

To do this right, you have to get creative. Don’t be lazy, post “Happy Pepperoni Pizza Day!” on Instagram and call it a night.

I’m telling you, you’re better than that.

Besides, the last thing you want is for your social media profile or blog to become a recitation of the wacky observance du jour.

Let these observances inspire you to look at your product or service in a new way. Find unique connections to your Ideal Customer. One niche holiday can inspire a whole series of posts, none of which say, “Happy Random Thing Day!”

Here is some content inspiration to get you started in each month of 2021. Find more at Checkiday or the observance calendar of your choice.

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New Year’s resolutions? Yawn.

There are so many more interesting observances in the first month of the year.

For example, it’s Be Kind to Food Servers Month. Hospitality businesses could post a series of feel-good stories about people your servers love to serve.

In the pet industry? Take advantage of Train Your Dog Month and Unchain a Dog Month to offer tips on keeping fuzzy friends healthy and happy.

The health and wellness industry tends to focus on fitness resolutions this time of year. If you’re bored with nutrition tips, get inspired by the Festival of Sleep (Jan. 3) and tell people how to improve their nightly zzzs.


No matter what industry you’re in, you can find inspiring connections to Black History Month. Everybody: start there.

World Read Aloud Day (Feb. 2) is a stellar chance to put your in-house celebrity in front of the camera. Shoot a video of your spokesperson, senior leader, or celebrity guest reading something inspiring. Choose something short that connects to your company’s mission and resonates with your Ideal Customer. Share the video to your social media marketing channels.

Feb. 11 is National Inventors’ Day. Tell the backstory behind one of your company’s unique products in a blog post. What inspired your founder? How did they try and fail before finding the winning formula? Finish with how the company has grown from the germ of that idea.


Start with Women’s History Month. What inspiring women, past or present, can you connect to your product or industry? Tell their stories through blogs and social media posts.

March 1 is World Compliment Day. Turn customer testimonials into social-friendly gifs or graphics. And don’t forget to pay compliments — shout out your outstanding vendors and partners on social media. You’ll feed the content beast, build relationships, and may get some shares. Win-win-win.

The first Friday in March (March 4 in 2022) is Employee Appreciation Day. Spread the love all month — or longer — by making a regular social media feature spotlighting one of your staffers.

Image by Gabriel Santos Fotografia on Pexels


Fact Checking Day (April 2) can lead to a ton of content. What common myths can you dispel for your Ideal Customer? Once you start brainstorming, you may have enough blog ideas for a whole series of posts.

Let National Superheroes’ Day (April 28) inspire you to profile the real-life heroes your business serves. Look for heroes in your company or industry you can feature in your blog too.

International Dance Day (April 29) is great if you have leaders or high-profile clients willing to bust a move on camera. Post the dances to social media as snippets or piece them together into a longer video that will make your audience smile.


International No Diet Day (May 6) celebrates body acceptance. You can apply that idea to your industry, too. What does your Ideal Customer struggle with? What have they tried unsuccessfully to change? Is there a way your content can help them to find peace with that part of themselves?

If support for the armed forces is important to your I.C., use Military Appreciation Month to spark messages that resonate. Try donating product or services to veterans or sharing stories of your company’s connection to the armed forces.

May 27 is Nothing to Fear Day. Get inspired to show empathy to your customers. What are the real fears that hold them back — and that your product solves? Write blog posts reassuring your I.C. and painting a picture of a future where that fear is no longer a problem.


Does your Ideal Customer own their home? National Homeownership Month can get you brainstorming about blog topics they care about — from decorating and home improvement to finances and estate plans.

June is also National Safety Month. You’ve talked about how your product works — can you give tips on using it safely? Think about the bigger picture when your product is in use. A cookware company can post about foodborne illness. An interior design firm can identify houseplants that are dangerous to pets.

Wish Fulfillment Day (June 16) celebrates wishes that come true. Look for testimonials and case studies that show how your company granted your I.C.s’ wishes. Did your I.C. really wish for “noise-canceling earbuds with high-tech audio”? Or did she wish to get lost in an audio book while the kids argued in the next room — a wish your earbuds made possible?

Image by Dio Hasbi Saniskor on Pexels


We’re halfway through the year. Now you can bring up those resolutions I told you not to write about in January. Give your audience a chance to check in on themselves and pick it back up if they fell off track.

July 2 is Made in the USA Day. Any company selling American-made products to an American audience and not talking about it is missing a golden opportunity. Don’t give in to the ease of a generic “Made in the USA” post. Share photos and stories from the production line. Tip your hat to logistics workers. Give your message meaning. Tell people why they should care.

The International Day of Friendship is observed on July 30. Get inspired to support and celebrate your brand community. Think of creative ways you can curate user-generated content on your social media accounts. Find new ways your customers can connect with one another or with you.


You know when you get a huge package holding a tiny product? That’s what inspired Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day (Aug. 7). It sounds silly but think about it. What ridiculous layers of filler are keeping your Ideal Customer from what they want? Write a refreshingly clear blog post. Strip away their confusion and give them the information they crave.

Aug. 13 is International Left-Handers Day. Left-handed people identify strongly with one another. What niche traits does your Ideal Customer identify with? Are they Team A or Team B? What community feels like their tribe? Write content that celebrates those unique characteristics.

National Failures Day (Aug. 15) is an opportunity to examine what you’ve learned from your mistakes. Don’t keep those hard-won lessons to yourself. Turn them into authority-building marketing content. Posts like “My Worst Mistakes in 2021 (And What I Learned)” or “I Never Closed a Sale Until I Started Doing This” are SEO gold.


September is both National Preparedness Month and National Recovery Month. Think about the disasters, big or small, your Ideal Customer may encounter. If you sell insurance, maybe this is a fire or flood. If you sell makeup, it might be racoon eyes. Tell them what to do when disaster strikes and how to recover from the aftermath.

The first Friday in September (Sept. 2 this year) is Bring Your Manners to Work Day. Think about the rude people your Ideal Customer might encounter. Does your product help them rise above such petty rudeness? Paint a picture of happy customers unbothered by others’ lack of manners.

National Thank You Day is on — surprise! — Sept. 15. Yes, November is traditionally the time for messages of thanks. But consider: a company that thanks its customers on social media in November is typical. A company that thanks its customers on social media at strategic times year-round is gracious.

Image by Mariel Carrasco on Pexels


The spooky season is my favorite time of year, so if you can take advantage of Halloween, go for it. Graduate past the “deals so good it’s scary” cliches and get creative with your blog topics. Make a video that feels like a horror movie trailer. Write a blog post applying themes from great ghost stories to your industry.

National Go on a Field Trip Month isn’t just for schoolchildren. In 2005, Travelocity introduced its Roaming Gnome mascot in a viral campaign that’s still amusing. Take your product or mascot on a field trip. Photograph it at local attractions and create a fun social media series about its day out. Encourage followers to share pictures of their travels with your product too.

Oct. 20 is Information Overload Day. Your Ideal Customer is bombarded with information. Help them filter the noise and figure out what is important and what is smoke and mirrors. Think of blog posts like “5 Things You Need Before You Start X (And 5 Things You Don’t).”


November 4 marks the date King Tut’s tomb was discovered in 1922. Let King Tut Day inspire you to build persuasive case studies for your blog. Look for customers who were blown away by the hidden riches they found when they tried your product.

Marooned Without a Compass Day (Nov. 6) is an opportunity to recognize the curse of knowledge. It’s easy to forget your Ideal Customer doesn’t have all the information you do. Making a recommendation is not “salesy” and failing to make one is not kind. Your I.C. is marooned without a compass. You have the map. Audit your content. Guide customers to their destination with clear calls to action.

Help your audience Kondo their life with inspiration from National Unfriend Day (Nov. 17). What unhelpful habits, practices, or products should your I.C. break up with? People need help moving on from things no longer serving them. Think helpful blog posts like “7 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your Hair Care Routine” or “5 Ways Your Life Will Improve When You Stop Doing Your Own Taxes.”


Year-end is a pretty easy time for content marketing ideas. Top 10 lists of the past year or predictions for the New Year are popular and easy, but don’t go there unless you have something unique to add. There’s no need to repeat what others are already saying.

Dec. 1 is Day Without Art Day. Cultural and arts-based businesses can make powerful statements with social media posts painting a picture of a world without the arts. Do it right and this can be a great chance to generate brand buzz.

“Put on your pearls” is a way of saying “feel good and hold your head high.” When you’re brainstorming content, let National Wear Your Pearls Day (Dec. 15) remind you what makes your Ideal Customer feel special. What is that boost that makes them stand up a little straighter? Look for ways to connect your brand to that feeling.

The most important part of content is consistency and quality. Content marketing is a reliable way to build a brand — as long as it adds value. Bland, mediocre content is churned out at an alarming rate. Plan ahead and think creatively so your marketing content rises above the noise.



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Dana Herra

Dana Herra is a copywriter and marketing consultant. She specializes in helping small and medium businesses find and use their unique voice.